Richmond And Zetland Harriers

The harriers were in fine form this week with great results in the cross country relays right throughout the club, big runs in Glasgow, Ripon, Reservoir Dogs Ultra marathon and Redcar.

Thirsk was the venue for the start of the cross country season with relays being the order of the day. First out on the track were the U11’s and Jake Wills leading the club out in a very good 14th in the boys race (07:31), Phoebe Hall had a great run in the U11 girls race in a huge field of 28 in 15th (07:54) and Cassie Clarke with an excellent run in 22nd (08:06). The U13 boys team of Sam Archer (6:10), Thomas Greer (7:25) and Josh Hammett (6:15) put up a good performance in 4th, the second team of Thomas Carter (6:41), Ollie Middleton (6:56) and Ollie Rogerson (7:07) were a very good 6th. The U13 girls team had a comfortable win with Shannon Robinson (06:16), Olivia Jackson-Bowers (07:14) and Holly McCowie (06:47) representing the club. The second team were also a very good 8th with Evie Mullen (07:18), Alayna Irvine (08:35) and Olivia Richardson (09:13) running. Also winning were the U15 boys, with Charlie Stephenson (05:27), Matty Cole (06:04) and Kyle Rabjohn (5:19) and the U15 girls in 2nd with Alana Teasdale (06:20), Maisy Squires (07:41) and Eve Ker (07:01).

The senior ladies were hampered by sickness, but put up a great performance in 2nd with Jo Adams (12:57), Rosie Adams (13:57) and Donna Riddler (13:28), the Vets and "B" team took a very good 4th Rebecca Simpson (13:10), Lucy Verill (14:56) and Shona Fletcher (13:43). The 2nd vet team of Charlotte Wilton (14:18), Stephanie Stephenson (14:18) and Kiska Wilson (15:35) were an excellent 6th and the 3rd vet team of Pauline Whittaker (16:19), Sarah Gregory (15:37) and Zabi Dashwood (18:21) were a fantastic 10th out of 20 teams.

The men's race was equally well contested with 25 teams taking to the start line. Richmond's "A" team produced another fine performance in 2nd with Carl Jones (10:55), Rob Scott (11:00), David Hack (11:55) and Scott Wardman the quartet. The 2nd team only just missed on 3rd by seconds and consisted of Rob Wilkins (11:32), Lee Davies (11:39), Josh Lincoln (11:19) and Tony Lambert (11:32). The young team of U17’s Matthew Lambert (12:02), Jake Stephenson (11:40), Sam Kettlewell (12:31) and Dylan Soley (11:34) finished a brilliant 7th. In 12th were Carl Loughney (12:08), Lee Wills (12:25), Rob Lickley (13:21) and Steve Middleton (11:59) and just behind in 13th was Ken Harker (12:24), Ronnie Corbett (13:13), Anthony Jefford (12:32) and Ian Christon (12:30).

Mark Crawford took on the Great Scottish run 10k and finished with another good time 108th place (38:05). Kimberley Reeve and Robert Dashwood finished the gruelling Punk Panther Resevoir Dogs Ultra Marathon over 35 miles, with Kimberley Reeve finishing as the 7th lady even though they completed 39 miles due to getting lost 3 times!

The Redcar festival of running again was a happy hunting group for our runners with Joe Reeve taking the victory in the 2km race and Steve Middleton winning the 10km race (35:15). Reece Dalton was 1st across the line at the Beckbusters 10km held in Ripon and Donna Riddler was the 2nd lady.

Kyle Rabjohn (16:41,pb) took the top honours at Darlington parkrun and smashed his pb in the process ahead of old timer Marc Scott in 2nd (16:42), Lee Davies was 3rd (17:22) and Jeremy Pattison 4th (19:25) and Garry Malton in 43rd (21:46). Ronnie Corbett was 5th (19:50) and Lucy Goundry 12th (22:45) at Troon parkrun .

At Northallerton parkrun Rob Scott was the 1st finisher (17:42), Ken Harker was 4th (19:38) and Shona Fletcher in 79th (30:37). Tom O’Mahoney was the 3rd junior at Fountains Abbey parkrun (20:07). Rob Lickley was 17th (19:50), Kevin Bond was 20th at Albert parkrun (20:15), Charlotte Wilton was 23rd (20:36) and Jane Bond was 165th (29:25).

At Catterick parkrun Paul Brittenden was 2nd (18:16), Garry Malton was 16th in a new pb (21:13, pb), Ollie Middleton was 23rd (22:16) and Ian Hepworth was 40th (25:13). Sam Archer was the 1st finisher at Northallerton junior parkrun (7:29), followed by Shannon Robinson and the 1st girl (07:37), James Wilkin was 4th (08:57), Rebecca Wilkin in 8th (09:08, 2nd girl, pb), Abigal Wilkin in 30th and another new pb (10:48) and Kiki Fletcher also in a new pb in 32nd (10:55).

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2585 – Kimberley Reeve and Robert Dashwood at the Punk Panther Resevoir Dogs Ultra Marathon